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The Ulysses Plaque outside 2 Grafton Street.
The Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland launches The Leopold Bloom Press in February 2022.
Frances Flannery talks to Pat Kenny on Newstalk
Frances Flannery and Susan Leybourne of Ulysses 100 Project at The Leopold Bloom Press
Frances Flannery with Neil Handley at The Museum of Optometrists, London.
Frances Flannery joins Andrea Gilligan on Bloomsday 2022 on Newstalk
Dr. Cleo Hanaway Oakley, a Joycean scholar from Bristol University visits The Leopold Bloom Press.
Victoria Mary Clarke visits The Leopold Bloom Press
Dr. Mark Lawler of Queens University, Belfast at The Leopold Bloom Press

Many writers believe that when they are offered a publishing contract, or publish a book themselves that people will somehow automatically hear about their book, and bookshops will automatically stock it.

This is far from the reality of publishing a book. In truth, the writing part is only the start. Why should booksellers chose your book over someone who has a proven track record, who readers have heard of, and whose books customers are asking about before they even hits the shops?

The Leopold Bloom Press specialises not just in publishing the authors whose writing we believe in, but also in promoting them. We offer them as a new writer everything they need to get their writing career off the ground. We provide publishing and professional book marketing to serious writers, those who have made the decision to invest as much energy and effort in getting themselves noticed within the writing community as they did in writing their novel.

We approach each and every new client with professionalism, care, attention and absolute pragmatism. Our remit is to foster a bond with our authors because we know that putting a book into the world takes not only talent but also courage.

What do you promise?

All we promise is that we will do our very best. We absolutely cannot promise that any book will become a best seller, or that editors will chose to write about it, or that booksellers will chose to stock it, but we can promise that we will support and guide our writers all the way.

What sort of writers do you take on?

If you are an unpublished, unrepresented author with a finished fictional novel ready for publication, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please complete the following details. Remember, we take on a limited number of writers each year, and often cannot respond to each and every enquiry that we receive. If you don’t get a response within four weeks, unfortunately we are not interested.

Frances Flannery, Founder and Author

Frances began her career in London at Saatchi & Saatchi, a leading global communications company. Later, as In-House Graphic Designer at Brown Thomas, she designed and styled for brands like Bose, Sony, Philips, Jimmy Choo, La Perla, and Calvin Klein. She holds a first class H.Dip in Business and E-Commerce, and an M.Phil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin.

Having pioneered Irelands first gut health clinic brand, Vitality Centre, she established The Leopold Bloom Press at 2 Grafton Street. Frances believes that impactful creative ideas can generate powerful emotional connections between book writers and their audiences.  She has written three books, Gut Happiness, Writing Man and Strangefellow.