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What sort of books are we looking for

We love fiction, especially historical fictional novels that pose a contemporary narrative question? Think Patrick Suskind’s Perfume, or Joanne Harris’s, Chocolat. Maybe there is a touch of Tim Burtons style to your story, something of the surrealists Borges, Joyce or Vonnegut? In order for magic to happen in your writing, you must believe in it first. Do you?

Open for Submissions from 2023. We are just getting starting. And we have our quota already for 2022. But since you are here, let us share something about the sort of writing we may be interested in. You see, we believe that for every book, there is the right publisher. The magic happens when they come together. Please note that by submitting your work to us, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Just an idea: The Leopold Bloom Press is a full service publisher. We work with new writers who understand the need to invest as much in promoting their book as they did in writing it. Please do think about establishing yourself on social media if you have not already done so. We recommend instagram, facebook and Tiktok as valuable channels to promote yourself as a writer. That’s just an idea.

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Never give up on your writing. Remember that James Joyce’s Ulysses was rejected. It was cast off as obscene by several publishers, and by the esteemed literati of the day.

James Joyce suffered with eye problems throughout his life. The significance of 2, Grafton Street as the location that he chose when dealing with sight in Ulysses may find its roots in an actual visit to Yeates and Sons opticians which traded at this location from 1840 to 1922.

We Love Imagination

In a scene which appears in the Lestrygonians episode of Ulysses, Leopold Bloom tries on spectacles at Yeates and Sons, 2 Grafton Street, our address. Bloom is challenged to trust his imagination.

At The Leopold Bloom Press, we are interested in works that activate the imagination. Can you – like the ophthalmologist Yeates and Son who occupied 2 Grafton Street before us did on Leopold Bloom – make us believe in your story so much that we find ourselves looking for ‘a little watch up there on the roof of the bank to test those glasses by? Is so, then it might just be the right match for us.